In a world of disruption and of reconfigurations of the tried and tested, providing youngsters with an education that interweaves skills, knowledge, wellbeing, legacies and future preparedness, is the only sure step that can transform the educational landscape of today.

Al Futtaim Education Foundation was set up to support the UAE government in achieving its Centennial Vision, which has education at its very core, and to put schooling, as the world has known it, onto a redefined trajectory.

Through investing thought, time, physical and financial resources, in addition to decades of business expertise into our existing portfolio of successful and prestigious schools in Dubai, Al Futtaim Education Foundation will move forward by consolidating its position as a key player within the UAE education scene.

The pages of this website are punctuated by the three guiding principles for Al Futtaim Education Foundation; legacy, community and future. It is these principles that will continue to inspire what we do and propel us onwards.

Omar A. Al Futtaim
Al Futtaim Education Foundation